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Award Revisions

Your financial aid awards may be reduced or canceled for a variety of reasons.

Revisions by the Financial Aid Office

If your eligibility changes, we may be required to make adjustments to your awards to ensure compliance with federal, state, and institutional aid regulations.

If it is necessary to revise your award, we will contact you via email sent to your WSU email address. You will be advised  to review your financial aid in WSU Pipeline.

You may also have a message from us in Pipeline under the "My Messages from Financial Aid" link.

Verification Review

If you are selected for a review process known as verification, you are required to submit additional documentation in order for us to determine your financial aid eligibility.

Once the verification process is complete, your awards may be revised to reflect your correct eligibility.

  • Students who fail to complete the verification process will not receive the financial aid funds provided on their initial award notification.

Mid-Year FAFSA Updates

Mid-semester or mid-year changes or updates to your Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) can result in selection for the verification review process. This review may result in an adjustment in your financial aid eligibility.

Disbursement of future aid will not occur until the verification review process is complete.

If you attended another school and we are notified that there has been a change in your loan or Federal Pell Grant amounts, your award will be reviewed and may be revised.

Non-Enrollment or Reduction in Credit Hours Enrolled

Financial aid awards are based on your regular, full-time enrollment at Wayne State University in an eligible degree or certificate program.

If you enroll less than full-time, your financial aid awards may be reduced or canceled.

If you do not enroll for a semester, aid and loans for that semester will be canceled. If you intend to re-enroll within the academic year you may submit a Loan Revision Form to request a review of your award.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

You must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Your award is invalid if the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards have not been met.

If you have extenuating circumstances, you may appeal this decision.

Additional Aid from Outside Sources

All educational resources (such as scholarships, stipends, etc.) that are not listed on the award notification must be reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

You cannot receive financial aid funding above your cost of attendance.

When additional aid is received after other financial aid awards have disbursed, it may result in the reversal of other aid and leave you with an outstanding balance.

Revisions Requested by You

Changing Your Response

If you accepted or declined a full or partial loan offer in WSU Pipeline and want to change your response, complete the Loan Revision Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.

Loan Cancelation

You have the right to cancel all or a portion of the loan and to have the canceled funds returned to the lender. You must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing within 14 days of the date of the disbursement notice, if you want to cancel all or a portion of the loan.

Requesting a Review of Your Eligibility

If you and your family have extenuating circumstances that you believe affect your ability to pay your educational costs, you may request a review of your financial aid eligibility by completing and submitting a Special Circumstances Form.

Note: The Special Circumstances Form should be submitted after you have filed your FAFSA.