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WayneDirect Macomb

In the Macomb WayneDirect program you can start your Wayne State University degree at Macomb Community College.

Participating students will be admitted to Wayne State University. You will be able to participate in campus activities and utilize all university academic resources.

Remember to file an annual FAFSA and include our school code – 002329.

How does it work?

Complete a WayneDirect Student Contract for each semester you will attend WSU. You can verify that the courses you take at Macomb Community College will count toward your degree program at WSU by reviewing the transfer plans on our website.

WSU will process your financial aid

We will process your financial aid application and award aid based on your combined enrollment and the information you supply on your FAFSA.

The financial aid you receive will be used to pay your tuition and fees for courses you take at Wayne State University.  Remaining funds will be refunded to you to use to pay your charges for the courses you attend at Macomb Community College.

We will confirm your enrollment information with Macomb Community College. Your Satisfactory Academic Progress will be monitored according to the policies at WSU.

Scholarship eligibility

If you are offered a WSU academic merit scholarship, you must attend WSU full-time in order to receive these funds.